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::: about us :::

[ekso:r] was founded during year 2000 by two friends - waffel and ensonic in Leipzig/Sachsen/Germany. Leipzig is one of the main centers of gothic underground in Germany. Both band members were listening darkwave/electronic music since their early youth. During the studies where they meet first, they became good friends.
Ensonic had already lots of songs and lyrics read. But neither doing an one-man show nor being the one who is singing was appealing to him. On the contrary Waffel enjoys singing. A perfect match. In the beginning work included to re-record and polish older songs, but nowadays new songs are written as a team.
It's worth noticing that they make music mainly for fun and not to make money. The band belives this way they remain true to themselfs and not get commercialised. As they both share a lot of about what they like and how they see things, it is going to work out well.
Apart from making music, they are playing music at saturday night in the club Villa Leipzig under the name "Hora Obscura" (see their schedule for dates). They are well known there for caring about music requests and playing a broad range of music.

::: equipment :::

Older songs were made with Symphonie/AmigaOS (it's something like Fasttracker). Now [ekso:r] uses Buzz/Windows. It is a freeware music composer that comes with hundreds of plugins. Some songs used additional sounds from a few synthesizers (i.e. Yamaha AN1x, Roland EP75, ...).
All recording is done in ensonics homestudio (his living room, where they always get nice background sounds from his birds). Here they use a old but solid Mackie 1604 mixer, a few effect devices (like a Zoom RFX 2000) and budget studio monitors (ESI nEar 05).

::: about the band name :::

[ekso:r] is the phonetic transcription of the word xor, which is a logical function called in german antivalenz (in english that would be anticoincidence).
From the technical view this function e.g. allows you to exchange two values without to need a temporary space (just imagine that you want to swap the position of two books on a shelf, you have to take the first one out and put it somewhere else, then move the second to the position of the first and finally put the first to the former position of the second). Using the xor function the object merge through each other.
Bringing this to real life, [ekso:r] can stand for exchanging views and opinions directly.
Further there even is a spiritual relation between thruth values of the function and traditional eastern belive. For the xor function two operands, where one is true and other is false, yield a result which is true. This can be translated to the symbolism of black and white in the ying-yang sign, where force needs anti-force.