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[Vocals, Lyrics] ::: Thomas 'waffel' Wabner :::

What do I like and what not about me?
I like that I am often in a jolly mood, but don't like that I be selfish from time to time.
What makes me smile?
Seeing me in the mirror after a heavy party.
What makes me laugh?
Various things, but especially N2O
What makes me feel sad?
Environmental pollution and the current lack of future for humanity.
What makes me angry?
Favourite bands:
Project Pitchfork, Prager Handgriff, Calva Y Nada, Das Ich
Recommended bands:
Run Level Zero
Favourite books:
Jules Verne - 'Die geheimnisvolle Insel',
Gary Zukav - 'Die tanzenden WuLi-Meister'
Favourite films:
Stirb langsam, Star Trekk
Favourite food:
everything which can be fried crispy-cross and dark-brown
Favourite places:
the sea