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::: order CDs :::

You can also write to us, if you would like to order a promo cd. Please send 10,- € to Stefan and you will receive the latest version on CD-R and a printed cover signed by us. Please note, that we do not include a jewel case, as this would dramatically increase postage fee.
If you live close to Leipzig, you can mail us that you want a CD and get it for 8,- € if you fetch it yourself. When we are in the Villa Leipzig to play music as DJs Hora Obscura then we usualy have a few CDs with us. But better mail us before and we make sure you will get one.

::: available CDs :::

At first all finished CDs from the songs page can be ordered. Additionally below are compilations which have songs from us.
electronic club compilation

price: 5,- € (+ 2,- € shipping)