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[26.Aug.2007] ::: lifesign :::

Silence for a long time. Since I moved to Finland, we put the work on Ice. Waffel is singing now in cryo-tekk and I spend most of my free time working on buzztard - a replacement for the music software we've been using in the past.

The last post we announced a new song that has been worked on. We still should somehow try to make a final recording. But I like it too much already, so I uploaded a preview of "Enough" at the eksorcist beta page.

[02.Mar.2006] ::: rss feed :::

We now also have a rss news feed. In firefox you should see the feed icons in the bottom toolbar. Alternatively just point your feed-reader to this location.

[22.Feb.2006] ::: audioscrobbler / last.fm page :::

Last.fm certainly rocks! We're big fans of their service. With a simple free plugin in your favourite music player you teach them your musical taste. They in turn give you music recomendations, personalized radio streams + a lot more. Check it out!

This is so cool, that we immediately submitted songs and infos about us.

[15.Nov.2005] ::: new songs in work :::

Lots of work for both of us at the moment. Still we meet from time to time and work on new songs and lyrics. The next song will be called Enough and we hopefully soon can upload a demo. For two more tracks the musical skelleton is there too. If only I had more free time :(

[07.Oct.2005] ::: project pitchfork party :::

Its time again for the anual Project Pitchfork Party in the Villa Leipzig. Along with the music we will run DVDs and picture CDs for some visual delight.

Beside music from Project Pitchfork we'll play lots of other electro music. Come and tell us what you want to hear and we do our best to play your favourites :)

[27.Jul.2005] ::: homepage relaunch :::

During the last weeks we did a major overhaul of the website. It roughly looks the same, so whats new?

1st: The layout has been changed. It you use a modern browser such as Firefox or Mozilla the navigational elements are fixed positioned, only the content scrolls. Along with the the sub-menu has been moved to the left, where some more boxes will be added later.

2nd: All the music is now available in ogg format too. This has way better quality, while having about the same size. All songs now have full tag information, so that regardless of the filename, your player will show you the correct details.

3rd: Some pages have been restructured or broken up (e.g. the lyrics and contact pages),

4th: Finally there are minor changes here and there. Links now come with a small icons to show wheter is an internal link on the page or a link into wild of the web.

[20.Jun.2005] ::: images of the wgt live gig :::

As promissed - here are the pictures. Many thanks to Schizo for taking the pictures. Some of the pictures are quite colorful and trippy. Like as if he captured the mood there as well.

And for all who missed the concert, we will play again for sure - meanwhile enjoy the images.

And here is the gig-review for the evening.

[16.Jun.2005] ::: new beta-song online :::

Finally some news again! After the nice WGT concert (We will upload some pictures and short video-clips soon) we have done some more recording. Listen to the preview of "Apocalypse" at the eksorcist beta page.

[12.May.2005] ::: songs on the "manifesto" electronic compilation :::

A transition track and the song "suicide" from the cd antivalenz have been released on the manifesto sampler.

The CD contains 15 electronic tracks from local bands + an unrelesed remix from Human Decay. The Sampler can be ordered online from us or brought from several local shops (e.g. mandragora and your paperzone).

[03.Mar.2005] ::: live concert WGT in villa / leipzig / germany :::

The Bandcommunity Leipzig has organized a concert for the Friday, 13th. May. 2005 - the WGT weekend. We will play in the Villa in Leipzig/Germany together with Monoblock, Dolor and another band. We will keep you informed at this place ...

[16.Feb.2005] ::: studio news :::

In the past weeks, we worked on some older songs again. We compared several recordings and tried to improve the mixing. It sounds like a big difference! It is really amazing, when comparing the old and new mixes.

Apart from that we have done some recordings for new songs.