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[29.Nov.2002] ::: pictures of us :::

Finally we have pictures of us on the contact-page. Just one of each of us for now. Furthermore we added some icons to the homepage, so that it looks a bit nicer.

Apart from that we make good progress finishing the first CD. We even have already started tracks for the next one!

[14.Nov.2002] ::: new version of the songs :::

We have done lots of work on the songs. So it's time for the new versions (now encoded with 64kbit to reduce size). The total playtime has now reached about 50min and we have two more songs in works as well as new transition parts. We are confident that our first release will have a playtime of about 60min.

Finally we have a first design of the artwork for the upcomming CD (you'll find them in the songs section). Please tell us how you like them.

[22.Jul.2002] ::: first songs :::

Today we have uploaded our songs as mp3 files. You can listen to them in the songs section. This will form our first promotion-cd. Feedback is very welcome.

The page has got a visual update too.

We still search for a music-label, who would like to publish our material.

[06.Jun.2002] ::: first lyrics :::

Now the first lyrics are online. Many of them are yet unused in songs and some are even unfinished, but they are a good reflection of what we think and care about and feel like.

We will add more lyrics soon.

[02.May.2002] ::: initial layout :::

Finally we managed to get the layout ready and put the page online. It's quite simple - just use the navigation bar at the top or the bottom of every page for browse around.

More content will hopefully follow soon.