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[23.Dec.2003] ::: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :::

We wish you a wonderful time with familly and friends. Thanks for anyone who gave us support, sent mails etc.. We hope to get some new material ready next year - so stay tuned.

[01.Dec.2003] ::: Battle of The Bands 2003 :::

Now the webpage for the Battle of The Bands 2003 contest is online.

Get yourself a copy of the issue, fill the questionaire and hopefully give us your vote! You can win nice prices as well.

[17.Nov.2003] ::: after live gig :::

Wow! The concert was nice. Everything went fine (after all the practise sessions you know all the things that can go wrong) and for us it was real fun. We hope you all enjoyed the concert and the Project Pitchfork Party too.

And for all who missed it, we will try to play again - meanwhile you can see some images.

[13.Nov.2003] ::: big page update :::

A truly big update of the page! At first we have reworked the structure, added submenus to enable new content and added here and there. Further we have remastered our CD antivalenz - the songs were too different in volume in the past.

[27.Oct.2003] ::: Battle of The Bands 2003 :::

We have received the confirmation, that we have been choosen to take part in the Battle of The Bands 2003 contest. Our song Afterwards will be on the December/January issue of the sonicseducer magazin (available from Tuesday, 25.Nov.2003).

[12.Sep.2003] ::: first live concert :::

On saturday, 15th of november 2003 you can see us playing live, during the Project Pitchfork party, in the Villa Leipzig. No concert-tickets required - entrance fee is 5 € this evening.

We look forward to see many of you there.

[14.May.2003] ::: picture gallery :::

Now we have a few more images of us available under the new link images. We had taken about hundred pictures. Those you can seeare the ones we like best.

Images have been taken in an industial setting near Leipzig.

[02.May.2003] ::: practising for live gig :::

It has been quite here again. But we are not dead - we are preparing and practising to play our songs live. After all enough people have already asked when we will do it.

This is quite some work, as even though we are an electro band, we want to play as much as possible live. And apart from that there is still the lighting, the mixing and the organisation to care about.

[06.Feb.2003] ::: new version of the songs :::

Version 4 of the first CD is now available online. We have finished the last tracks now. The CD is now about 60 min. long. We are now working on live versions and preparing our first gig.

[03.Jan.2003] ::: more homepage updates :::

I had a look at our homepage with the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Apart form its security flaws it even can not display transparent png graphics. I have converted the graphics and made some further adaptions so that the site should look better when viewed with IE. Anyway, we recommend using the free Mozilla internet suite.