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[07.Dec.2004] ::: back in studio :::

Both concerts went very nice. We enjoyed them a lot and hope you did as well.

Now we are back in studio. You can expect new songs to appear on this homepage very soon. We already written some songs and lyrics, now its time do do vocal recordings again.

[18.Oct.2004] ::: live concert in villa / leipzig / germany :::

Another chance to see us live is on the 20.Nov.2004 in the Villa in Leipzig/Germany. As the DJ team Hora Obscura we will serve you the finest electro music. During the evening we will play a gig, followed by the show from Human Decay.

Entrace fee is just 5,- € for the evening.

[11.Oct.2004] ::: live concert in mühlkeller / leipzig / germany :::

On the 23.Oct.2004 you can see us playing live in the Mühlkeller in Leipzig/Germany. We will play together with Monoblock, Weisheim and Delusion.

The first concert starts 21:00 and entrace fee is just 3,- €.

PS.: Jörg wrote a nice gig-review

[13.Aug.2004] ::: remixes from ensonic are online :::

As I like the instrumental tracks of the antivalenz CD, I had the plan for a long time to extend some of them. I did that to produce an instrumental only CD and now I release these songs here for you. The CD even comes with a few new tracks. I still want to extend those, which are currently just one-to-one copies from prevously release songs.

Listen and/or download them all at the page for the calm CD.

[12.Aug.2004] ::: another beta-song online :::

After a long series of vocal recording sessions, we managed to get a preview of the song "Der Sturz" out for you. Finding the reight expression for the vocals was again quite a challenge. Now listen to the song and send comments.

[29.Jul.2004] ::: new beta-song online :::

We have remixed the song "Greed". This time we tried to use three different vocal takes. In strophe parts of the song, we overlaid fast spoken vocal with slow melodic background vocals. Listen to the song.

[19.Jun.2004] ::: song on the "schwarzes-leipzig" compilation :::

The song " transition06" from the cd antivalenz has been published on the first compilation of the Schwarzes-Leipzig scene site.

The CD presents 17 bands from Leipzig with their creative mixture of underground styles. The Sampler can be ordered online or brought from several local shops (e.g. your paperzone).

[15.Apr.2004] ::: new beta-songs online :::

We have remixed the song "scarlet scratches". It is a bit longer now and the vocals are better. Additionally we uploaded the first recording of a new song called "Greed". It is again an older song, with new vocals. Listen to the songs.

[30.Mar.2004] ::: artwork image page added :::

A while ago Weoun has sent us nice artwork. We not yet had a chance to use it for a CD production, but would like to publish it here.

Furthermore we restructured some more parts of the page (more precicely the about sub pages). It is growing quite nicely ;-).

[08.Mar.2004] ::: old songs from ensonic are online :::

Finally I did it. I had a lot of songs laying around on my harddisk, that I have made in the past with the AMIGA program 'Symphonie' (it is like FastTracker). The tracks are all electronic music (of course).

You can listen and/or download them all at the page for the symphonie CD.

[05.Mar.2004] ::: the work on the second cd has started :::

It is time to be crative again. A few days ago, we created some images for the cover of the second cd and did the some vocal recordings as well. There are already quite a lot of songs ideas on ensonic's harddisk. We picked the lyrics for one, rearranged one song and took some recordings. Just head over to the page for the eksorcist CD and give them a try.

And don't forget to mail us about the the cover and the song.

[10.Feb.2004] ::: news update :::

Uhm, not a good start - the results of the band contest is everything but motivating. Anyway, we do not give up!